shiny + new

new day, new breakfast obsession.

new day, new breakfast obsession.


New things are the fun-est. New jobs, new adventures, new shoes...

It's certainly not the most economical solution but procuring new things can revive sometimes dull scenery. But therein lies the benefit of being creative, I can make new.

Thus the remodel (& welcome) to the newly dubbed The City Girl's Guide. The truth is, I've been working on a re-brand for quite a while and I couldn't quite settle on what would make this blog a better version of the carefully curated wardrobe of thoughts and adventures than it already is. But I needed something new. Like a domain name. And a platform I could really work with. And a clean template. And that was going to be an investment.

So welcome to the new home of notes on my favorite places, experiences and things I'm currently craving.

I think you'll really like it here...