what I made.

You wake up, pour a cup of coffee, go to work, do stuff. You don’t always realize what you’re creating unless you start out with the intention to do so. It wasn’t until I spent a #selfcareSaturday cozy in bed, in need of a healthy soup that I realized all the creative potential I’ve been tapping into lately.


Working with friends & political heroes is the absolute best.

Recently I started a new job and there have been a lot of new faces and I don’t just mean in the office. My commute takes me on a new path through Boston which means a new journey on the subway, new faces I pass on the sidewalk and new people to ride the elevator with. Already I feel like a “regular”. At least on the days I remember to get off at the right station…


On Friday, when the day was over, two of my (real-life best friends who are also my) colleagues and I caught up over drinks and bites at a bar across the street. I’ve always thought that I would know I was real professional when I found a local pub to define my own “Happy Hour” at and ladies and gentlemen, I think we have arrived.


Also on my adventures to and from work are regular visits to the Boston Public Market. After a tip from a friend and a seemingly insatiable craving for avocado toast, I was inspired to visit Mother Juice, a cute and colorful booth tucked into a corner wall of the newest indoor market on the block. If starting your day with the most delicious gluten-free toast ever decorated and a banana smoothie isn’t the best way to kick off the almost-weekend then I don’t know what is.


I’ve been pretty go-go-go lately with not a lot of self care. While excited about new things, I really needed to spend today in a soft muscle tank with a few episodes of New Girl on Netflix. That was, until Mom asked me what I wanted for dinner. My answer: Homemade Pho Ga. The result: This.


Also on my lazy Saturday (after my dance teacher duties, of course), I decided to be extra productive and cross something off my list: clean my make-up brushes. I knew I didn’t have all of the proper supplies so I winged it with these d.i.y. instructions from beauty guru, Michelle Phan. (Try it out and tell me what you think!)