holiday wishes 2017.

2017 has been the year of things that matter. I set out on a subconcious goal this year to figure what really gets me ticking and while I haven't quite figured it out 100% yet, I feel that I'm getting closer. With that in mind, I have another bag off to ThredUp to make some positive negative space in my closet and less clutter in my everyday.

If the holidays are about appreciating the simple things, I'm making an effort to curate a closet and a lived well-lived and loved. Being mindful of my possessions in the season of wish lists and major shopping deals has helped me create one of the greatest holiday wish lists of all time, and I'm sharing my top ten with some background below:

Hello, World!

Jewelry | When it comes to my taste in jewelry, simplicity is key. I appreciate dainty but modern pieces with classic components. For that reason, Nadri is one of my favorite designers. They create some truly chic styles while being trendy and timeless at a reasonable price point.

Clothes | I'm a sucker for a good Target find and this holiday season is no different. With the arrival of their line a new day, somehow I find myself falling more in love with each open front cardigan and anorak jacket I see.

Shoes | In an attempt to diversify my shoe collection, I am opening myself up to more styles while still trying to stay true to my own personal "look". I've taken a hiatus from wearing slides but after seeing these from MIA, I have a feeling that is about to end.

Beauty | I love all that a cozy winter entails EXCEPT the toll it takes on my skin. And a poorly hydrated complexion is more than just itchy skin. With this line from The Body Shop, the super-rich formula preps my skin while I'm sleeping, makes me feel beautiful from the inside out. And it's cruelty-free.

Books | If Sundays afternoons are for #NetflixandChill, Monday through Friday mornings during rush hour are for #PodcastandLearn. This year I've absorbed all I can from Sophia Amoruso's Girlboss Radio podcast so it's about time to build on those best-practices and tidbits of advice with her latest book.

What are your holiday wishes? I'd love to know in the comments!