grey lady

Before we completely give up on saying it's fall and abruptly move our mindset and wardrobe into the winter holiday season, I couldn't forget to mark the new beginning of a creative process with my favorite locally based design and branded studio. You've probably seen some of the shots on my lookbook, but since it's always more fun to go behind-the-scenes, I give you my last photoshoot and a taste of the creative process that went into it.


Working with Ali and Dos Manos Studio means making something beautiful from something real. Often we are shooting after a busy day of nine-to-five-ing, following a long week of trying to make a small impact in the world or in between a day at the studio and grocery shopping. This day in particular was much of the latter. As such, magic was made with a little dry shampoo, a bold lip and a lot of energy.

Ali and I have come a long way this year in our nearly five year friendship. What started as a completely inspired relationship, fostered by a love of people, possibilities and caffeine, has stayed strong due to similar experiences, curated passions and okay, if we're being honest, more caffeine. I feel so grateful to have had a friend this like-minded through multiple Presidential administrations, coming-of-age moments and creative processes.


Like our friendship, this shoot was styled with the idea of no frills. There's something truly beautiful about showing up as you are to do the things you love with the people you love and shooting with Ali and Dos Manos is always just that. 


We shot this series on Ali's rooftop in Brookline in an area where I've made many memories. Everything from my grown-out balayage tresses to the lived in turtleneck sweater I wore, was a true representation of who I am (which, in the blogging world, where competition is practiced far more than community, can be rare). To say I was inspired by myself and how far I've come in the last year in understanding myself and others would be an understatement.


To get this look:

SWEATER; at H&M, at Madewell, at Lou & Grey

JEANS; at Charlotte Russe, at Anthropologie, at Diani Boutique.

SANDALS; at DSW, at Vince Camuto, at Bloomingdale's.


In conclusion, what I learned from myself and from Ali is that what gives us dimension is the way we learn to build on our true selves. Recognizing what our authentic canvas is made of and finding the right colors and styles to create our art is how we find the most satisfying form of fulfillment. I'm going to try to keep this in my heart throughout the season, the next year and as I journey through various phases of life because while I may not have these Topshop high-waisted cigarette black jeans forever, I sure hope I have my creativity and Ali's friendship for life.


Thank you's for photography, artistic direction, styling assistance and general, exceptional friendship goes to Ali Campbell of Dos Manos Studio.