you are a vision.

Looking back is only good for seeing how far you've come.

Looking back is only good for seeing how far you've come.

Everything we do, at one point or another, is something we visualize. What we might eat later, what we'll do tomorrow, who we'll spend time with over the weekend...Whether conscious or unconscious, we see what we'll do and better yet, what we'll ultimately accomplish.

Maybe it's just me but it has been one of those days/ weeks/months/ years where I've been wondering if I'm ever going to figure it out. How do working girls have it all? When I think about how many hours we have in a  day, I begin to panic that there's no way I'm making the most of it to accomplish all that I want every day. So I sat down with local city girl, Kayla for some tips on how she practices mindfulness and is just generally an impressive #girlboss. 

This is the epitome of mindfulness.  Meet Kayla.

This is the epitome of mindfulness. Meet Kayla.

My meeting with Kayla was originally intended to be an informational get together. I love expanding my tribe and getting to know other local girl bosses is increasingly becoming my favorite hobby. But what started out as a friendly coffee date became much more than a casual chat I could write about later. After our chat, I wanted to put into practice everything we had talked about immediately.

The theme of our conversation seemed to be manifesting, or, as Kayla put it, "the belief that you can do it". Whether it's getting out of bed on a Monday morning, crushing your goals or finally doing that one thing you keep saying you'll do but never have time for, you can. Sometimes you're not so sure, I get it. You're tired, "it" seems too far away, you're not sure if you have the support system you need or the financial means by which to get "it" done but for as long as you put it off, you will come up with excuses. Which is why I've started to think of ways to promote my productivity and complete actions that will help me achieve my goals;

Do more to give yourself to take time to smell the coffee... ( credit : )

Do more to give yourself to take time to smell the coffee... (credit:

prioritize wellness. Since meeting with Kayla I have; had a facial, gotten my eyebrows done, practiced (more regularly) a skincare regimen, worked out a ton, gotten 8+ hours of sleep a night and taken in more water than I thought was physically capable. Why? Because I know I perform better in my every day when I do these things. And better performance means a better me and a better me means I'm crushing more of my goals.

make the time. Instead of putting pressure on myself to do all the things, all the time, I take a few minutes at the start of every day and set just one goal. Write. Eat a salad for lunch. Vision journal. Stretch. Text my sister. Read a book. Close my eyes and center myself. Anything that often slips through the countless tasks and obligations of the everyday that I don't always do but I wish I could, gets done this way and I don't have so much on my plate that it feels impossible.

practice a daily mindset. At first I didn't know what Kayla meant when she said this. "What's wrong with my mindset? I'm trying everything!", I said to myself. But when she told me about how she has a habit of uprooting negative emotions, increasing her productivity by listing her goals and embracing her authentic self, I thought that I could maybe try it. Turns out, when you focus on the "inner me" and not your enemy (tricky co-workers, self-doubt or being out of touch with your intuition), you have a lot more time for yourself and the goals you want to accomplish.

These are just a few of her tips and to be honest, I have found that the best way to practice them is to adjust how I practice them every day if I need to. I have adopted vision journaling, creating mood boards, listening to inspiring podcasts, spending time with friends who inspire me and reading are some good ways to draw inspiration for a happy, healthy life. And it never hurts to accomplish a vision, celebrate and challenge yourself to a new one if you want...

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