why I don't.

In creating this new and improved version of my favorite creative outlet, I have decided to recommit myself to writing regularly and finding a better balance to prioritize what I love.

In order to do this, I've tried to learn what things I get caught up with that seriously drain my energy and creativity so that I can avoid them and have more time for the things I do love. In short, here's why I don't...

Do all the things. I could work, get home, stay up late and catch up on all the things I love (like writing or marathon-ing Netflix and reading all those links I've saved on Facebook) or I could carve out specific, focused (but sometimes rare) moments to do the things I love. The way I see it, if your hobbies are an important part of your identity, you have to treat them as you would the  relationships that you value. And like relationships, quality is more important than quantity.

Hang out with everyone. As much as I would like to, having social plans every single night is exhausting. I typically finish up with work sometime before before 6:30pm and after a commute I'm not home much before 8. And on top of having a busy day, some people are just a lot of somebody's that you used to know. You don't have to invest in every single relationship ever to feel fulfilled.

Have a plan always. One, I like surprises. Two, one of the most important lessons I've ever learned is the value of slowing down. While I typically like to have structure to my day and can be pretty "Type A", the beauty of not always having a plan is that you can adapt, enjoy the little things that don't need to be controlled and not concern yourself with logistics.

Post my entire life in real time. Some pictures are just destined to be filtered within an inch of their life. Other pictures, like those of me and my favorite guy (hereafter known as "P"), are sometimes more meaningful to scroll through in bed with a cup of tea in hand than surrounded by hashtags and flashing red hearts.

Write regularly. Writing is one of my favorite things. Its a combination of being creative and sharing my experiences and recommendations. But to write it, you have to live it. So rest assured that when you haven't heard from me in a few days, it's probably because I'm off somewhere having an adventure...