the shoe edit: fall

Forget sweater weather. It’s bootie season! ( credit .)

Forget sweater weather. It’s bootie season! (credit.)

For the most part, I feel pretty prepared, sartorially speaking, for the upcoming transformation from sandals to sherpa-lined boots. (Okay, perhaps that’s a little eager but you know what I mean.) Soon we’re going to be pulling out our sweaters, and that means it’s also time to step up our seasonal footwear game.

go wild. ( credit .)

go wild. (credit.)

1. Animal print | It’s the time of year when trading nautical stripes for more seasonal patterns is the norm and believe it or not, animal print makes for a good neutral. Whether you go the cheetah print route or something more wild, any shade of black, white, brown or grey are all pairings that make for a creative look without being gaudy. Keep the color scheme to under three shades, both in your ensemble and throughout the print, to ensure an authentic look that doesn’t look cheap.

an quick and easy way to commit to fall footwear. ( credit .)

an quick and easy way to commit to fall footwear. (credit.)

2. Ankle booties | The ankle bootie is one of the most versatile shoes you can own. I say this because a good pair will work with a skirt, skinny jeans, a sundress helping you make the transition into the early days of fall or even a pair of seasonally-hued shorts. I tend to prefer pairs with low or chunky heels so they’re easier to dress up and I opt for shades of black or brown. Play with height in flat, wedge or heeled versions to take your style to the next level.

Never not a classic. ( credit .)

Never not a classic. (credit.)

3. Ballet flats | Maybe its the ballerina in me, but there is nothing like slipping your toes into a pair of ballet flats. They’re a classic footwear choice that work well on lazy Sunday errands or busy Wednesday work days. They tend to mold to your feet ensuring comfort and the likelihood that you’ll tech for them over and over. With no end to the number of outfit combinations, ballet flats are a staple that you’ll want to have in your arsenal this season and every season.

Nothing says casual chic better than these shoes. ( credit .)

Nothing says casual chic better than these shoes. (credit.)

4. Converse | Okay but really, Converses are one of the most timeless things you can own. They might not go with your suit but they sure feel good on your commute, on your days off strolling through the city, with boyfriend jeans or a jersey pencil skirt. It’s casual chic, or “athleisure“, at its finest. One things for sure, these shoes are meant for walking.

believe it or not, these are a staple. (credit.)

believe it or not, these are a staple. (credit.)

5. Cowboy Boots | Even if you’re not Carrie or Miranda, cowboy boots are a fun footwear choice as the temperature cools down and the need for heavier socks and tights becomes a priority. But you don’t have to go totally Western. Styles with slightly more rounded toes, shorter heel heights and various embellishments make for personalized spins on this closet must have. And if you have to kick up a little dirt, at least you’ll be prepared.

A mildly preppy but comfy must have. ( credit .)

A mildly preppy but comfy must have. (credit.)

6. Driving Shoes | Driving shoes are proof that not all flat shoes are created equal. Some were specifically designed for weekend day trips in the car. Driving shoes are key for moving your foot from the gas to the brake, exploring the open road beyond your commute and having adventures as comfortably, and stylishly, as possible.

A little rugged never hurt nobody. ( credit .)

A little rugged never hurt nobody. (credit.)

7. Frye Harness Boots | If cowboy boots aren’t your thing, allow me to introduce you to their very badass cousin, the square toed, metal embellished Frye Harness boot. In a variety of styles, this boot has made its way into mainstream closets thanks to the divine street style of celebs like Dianna AgronNina Dobrev & Katie Holmes. They might look a little rough around the edges but I promise its just part of their charm.

Taking ankle boots up a notch...or two. ( credit .)

Taking ankle boots up a notch...or two. (credit.)

8. Knee Boots | If you’re going to be bundled up, you might as well look good doing it. Also, if you’re looking for an excuse to wear leggings as pants, (Note: Something I fully endorse) these shoes will take your look up a level. My favorite pair are black, flat, suede and look similar to the Stuart Weitzman look that was so hot two years ago. (I can’t wait to pull them out of storage!)

A style you know Mom will approve of. ( credit .)

A style you know Mom will approve of. (credit.)

9. Mary Janes | When I was little, I had a constant pair of these on rotation in my closet. They are so timeless that now, as a grown-up, I have a modified version with an ankle strap in a caramel color. Mary Janes are such a classic look that if you have to keep any kind of shoe under your desk, these should be it.

The easiest off duty look. ( credit .)

The easiest off duty look. (credit.)

10. Vans | I fell in love with a pair of slip ons at Nordstrom this last spring and my life has never been the same. This is another example of a versatile shoe you’ll want to wear constantly. There’s no end to the casual chic combinations you can build from the bottom up with these effortlessly stylish shoes.