she believed she could.

Photos by Becky Shade //  Shade Made Creative

Photos by Becky Shade // Shade Made Creative

There are probably a hundred different ways I could have titled this post but instead of letting my endless creativity get the best of me, I’m coming at you with some unconditional love and inspiration.

But first, let’s play a game: Who here has ever felt personally victimized by someone you didn’t even know you were competing with? Who has ever reached towards their goals only to feel defeated in the process because it seems like other people have “it” more together than you? Who struggles with defining “it” in the first place? Mhm, that’s what I thought. Me too. And you want to know the worst thing? This is so common among other women. It’s enough to make me want to stand in front of a mirror and ask, “Why are we like this?!”

So instead of simply spending some time on self-reflection and willing myself to just not feel that (totally natural but unfortunate) pang of jealousy when someone I know (and really, truly love and want the best for) achieves a major milestone, celebrates a victory I’ve been working towards or gains another thousand followers, I’m going to channel that energy and help to be a part of that success by participating in the celebration. There is enough success for everyone and there is plenty of time and space to enjoy when it happens for others.

Those of us who are business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs know that “success” can be measured in a variety of ways and that in success, you are richest in your network. Additionally, when our networks are strengthened and engaged in genuine and authentic empowerment, we reap the benefits of a loyal client base, an engaged audience or whatever it is that you’re searching for.

On that note, here are 34 ways that we as women can fix each other's crowns, lift each other up and be generally better about fostering the kind of community we crave:

  1. Like her Facebook page.

  2. Follow her on Twitter.

  3. Like and comment on her Instagram posts.

  4. Text her just to say hi or something empowering.

  5. Invest in her business.

  6. Make time for an IRL friendship.

  7. Surround yourself with empowering and positive people and be fully present in those relationships.

  8. “Be a cheerleader in a world of haters”.

  9. Help here identify their strengths.

  10. Practice self-care so you can be your best self for yourself and those you care about.

  11. Help her set boundaries when she’s getting overwhelmed.

  12. If someone isn’t respecting of your time or feelings, know when to give them space.

  13. Be her hype-(wo)man if they’re about to embark on something intimidating or new.

  14. Donate to a cause that helps to support women.

  15. Mentor someone.

  16. Be patient with yourself and others.

  17. Ask how you can help her.

  18. Write her a thank you note.

  19. Create your own network of like-minded ladies.

  20. Listen more, talk less.

  21. Make an actionable plan to get together.

  22. Reflect back the wonderful qualities she might be struggling to see in herself.

  23. Remind her, “It won’t always feel like this.”

  24. Gift her with a bottle of wine, a cupcake or a greeting card to celebrate a milestone.

  25. Call her. (Yes, ON THE PHONE.)

  26. Humble brag about her in a way she will see it.

  27. Send her “just because” flowers.

  28. Ask her about her creative projects.

  29. Send her a virtual coffee date (an e-gift card to her favorite spot).

  30. Recommend her work to someone.

  31. Tell her you “see” her.

  32. Engage with her content.

  33. Share her pursuits with family and friends.

  34. Say you’re proud.

Photos by Becky Shade //  Shade Made Creative

Photos by Becky Shade // Shade Made Creative

This post is dedicated to all of my ladies who are hustling in all the ways. I see you + applaud you for inspiring me to be my best self every single day.

Special mention: My #girlboss bestie Liv (pictured above) who has kept me sane through all the creative, professional, personal and emotional ebbs and flows since as long as we have been friends.