It has come to my attention that my closet is in need of a refresh. But not in the way it normally does. During a recent conversation with a blogger friend, I realized just how much simpler my life would be if only I had a more streamlined way of putting pieces together in my wardrobe. Think basics but not #basic. And so, as bloggers do, I set out to identify what "the perfect wardrobe" means to me; simple, timeless, chic, neutral and sophisticated. 

Great style doesn't have to be hard. In fact, just a few key pieces can make a boring wardrobe a much less daunting thing to think about. An A-line dress is an easy go-to that you can simply accessorize with a bangle or ring without looking too overdone and a crisp blazer can add a polished touch to everything from a pencil skirt to jeans and a button-down. Staples like these make getting dressed and being stylish easy as pie.

How to master this look: Ankle boots, aviators, blazer, jeans, mens white shirt

It doesn't take a lot to achieve a stylish "look" but it does require a few key pieces. Sailor stripes, army green and black with metallic accents are a super easy way to add a classic and timeless feel.

How to master this look: A-line dress (this exact one!), bangles, gloves, perfume (this exact one!), striped sailor shirt

One look at the chic hashtag on Instagram and you're quickly flooded with images of lace inset tops, monotone ensembles and luxe accessories. For me, chic is just another word for trending which, for now, means embellished necklines, blush tones, metallic accents and cool spins on old classics.

How to master this look: Camel coat, investment bag (this exact one!), vintage, Wayfarers, bodysuit

One of the easiest ways to style yourself using minimal effort is to keep your closet within the same color palette. At first, I thought this sounded boring but once I realized it means you have an endless amount of interchangeable outfits I was amazed at how versatile my closet was.

How to master this look: Motorcycle jacket (this exact one!), stilettos, turtleneck sweater, sweater socks, ivory pants

And last but not least, as the wise Raj from The Big Bang Theory has been quoted as saying, "You can never go wrong with a little black dress". I'd like to add to that list, Eberjay pajamas, cable knit sweaters, yoga gear with progressive messaging and gold nail polish.

How to master this look: Ballet flats (this exact pair!), cable-knit sweater, clutch bag, leather pants, LBD/ little black dress