life lately (+ nyfw-inspired style)

Transitional pieces have been my aesthetic as of late…

Transitional pieces have been my aesthetic as of late…

You guys, it has been a minute since I last posted. So much has changed, so much is still the same and I have so many things I am just dying to tell you all about:

  • I got a new job: That’s right, I have left the world of politics and have professionally ventured into the world of fashion. I’m so lucky to still be located in Boston but the rest I’m just going to leave to you to figure out what I’m up to from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • I’ve done quite a bit of traveling: In June I traveled to Las Vegas for my first time for work. In true Vanessa fashion, I worked hard and slept harder, but I felt so incredibly fancy and was definitely surprised by how much fun it was there even though I didn’t partake in any of the gambling, shows or other Las Vegas “staples”.

  • I turned 29: The last several months have definitely felt like a whirlwind; of experiences, of expectations and of changes. Celebrating my birthday (a day before P’s, if you remember) was really centering for me and helped me to remember how far I’ve come.

When I think about where I was six months ago (overwhelmed, busy and in need of a new purpose), I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished, and I think it’s so cool to have the changes I’ve been manifesting through all of my hard work finally come to life.

Now for the good stuff: I just know that the minute you read about my new job in fashion that you were curious to see me put my newfound skills to the test. Ask and you shall receive. As a newly minted Amazon Influencer, I feel it is my duty to introduce you to all that is trending per NYFW (Yes, this post is safe for work. That acronym stands for “New York Fashion Week” in case you read it quickly!), and for fall at an affordable price point. Because your taste can be expensive, but your style doesn’t have to be:

Shop  these shoes.

Shop these shoes.

Animal print: This has to be one of the most classic patterns you can add to your closet. It’s for all seasons and works in all kind of mediums, from headbands to footwear. As I’ve said before, the color scheme to under three shades, both in your ensemble and throughout the print, to ensure an authentic look that doesn’t look cheap .

One of my favorite ways to style animal print is going faux while also keeping the style sophisticated. You’ll often spot me in cheetah print slip-on sneaks, black jeans and a plain white tee for weekend errands, coffee dates or for sipping on some fall cider. I like to let my pattern do the talking and pairing it with clean neutrals, allows for an expression like animal print to be the focus.

Shop  this blazer.

Shop this blazer.

Blazers over dresses: Wearing blazers over dresses has been my cop-out to bringing a jacket at the fanciest of functions. When you can’t be bothered to carry one more thing, a blazer comes in really handy and spans the bridge between really dressed up by borrowing a little something from menswear. (But don’t just take my word for it. Read more on Who What Wear.)

Shop  this skirt.

Shop this skirt.

Florals: Florals for fall? Groundbreaking. I know, I didn’t think of it at first either but it makes so much sense. Adding in a little flower power delivers that 1960’s-flower-child vibe without being overpowering and is a pattern that I think has very little room for error when worn with denim, neutrals or earthy tones.

As you might already, I’m don’t reach for prints often but sometimes you just can’t resist a good floral. Because these nature-inspired patterns tend to be larger, I apply the same strategy to floral that I do to animal print and combine them with neutral or earth-toned colors to let them stand out but not complicate my look. If I do want to play with color, I follow this formula: 1 bold color + 1 neutral + pattern = outfit.

Shop  these mules.

Shop these mules.

Mules: Honestly, I love mules. They’re like slippers you can wear out of the house. Because they’re tricky with socks and thereby have a shorter shelf, er, closet life, I tend to find inexpensive pairs that pair well with most things in my closet and wear them to death.

Mules are a fun way to play with texture too. Like the knotted version above (which I already own), I also recommend grabbing versions in velvet, with embellishments like buckles or whatever suits your fancy.

Shop  this perfectly retro jacket.

Shop this perfectly retro jacket.

Neon brights: I’m kind of cringing at the thought that this is a thing although my almost-exclusively-wears-nothing-but-activewear-boyfriend I psyched (I see you reading this P!). But buyer beware: There’s a fine line between looking like you’re going to a rave and look en vogue. Limiting yourself to one piece, going for more demure styles (in shades of bright tangerine, bright lemon over highlighter yellow and completely pattern-less) are how to rock this look without being tacky.

I am totally loving this write-up by Glamour as a guide for “How to Effectively Master Fall's Neon Fashion Trend”.

Shop  this cozy jacket.

Shop this cozy jacket.

Oversized outerwear: New England ladies everywhere are rejoicing that puffer coats are the way of the fashion future as the colder temperatures start to creep in. Luckily for us, the bigger the hoods, shoulders and sleeves, the better, which means leave room for layering this winter.

This also means that shearling and sherpa are not only necessary, they’re “in” and being cozy is a lifestyle choice. Which is great news because there’s nothing fun about sacrificing fashion over freezing temperatures and personally, I can’t wait to wear the fuzzy pink jacket I scored at Forever21 last year.

Shop  this fall classic by Ralph Lauren.

Shop this fall classic by Ralph Lauren.

Plaid/ checks: I remember feeling that my back-to-school wardrobe each year was not fully complete until I had a piece of plaid or checkered print somewhere in my shopping bag and as it turns out, being 29 is no different. With a more refined style palette, I’m avoiding uniform-style skirts and opting instead for jackets, pullovers and transitional pieces I can match with more.

Plaid makes for an iconic costume look if you’re trying to be Cher Horowitz but there are other ways to rock this trend and making it your own. Read more from The Cut.

Shop  these off-duty pieces.

Shop these off-duty pieces.

Polka dots: I’m not sure I’ll ever quite be over polka dots and am pretty pleased there’s even more of an opportunity to embrace them this season. I tend to keep my patterns and prints on the smallish side so as not to be dwarfed by them, so I’ll be on the lookout for pin dot styles that I can wear throughout the week and in a variety of ways and on all the days (and nights)!

There’s no reason not to feel and look your best where no one will see you (i.e. at home), which is why I can’t be a stronger advocate for trying out trends in your leisurewear before you test your comfort level in public. New to polka dots or similar prints? Try them in your jammies first then get ready to rock them IRL.

Shop  this perfect transitional closet essential.

Shop this perfect transitional closet essential.

Sheer: As the weather cools down it’s not as easy to remember that showing off a little skin, can be done just as creatively and tastefully, as it can be done in the summer. Sheer panels and sleeves are a great way to get creative with your wardrobe and can be taken from day to night simply by changing up your jacket, footwear or accessories.

I can already hear the mothers of the world sputtering and gawking at you wear your sheer pieces out of the house and to your 9-to-5 but before you let the thought of that stress you out, PopSugar knows how to help you make this look work here.

Shop  these simple but chic kicks.

Shop these simple but chic kicks.

White: Banning white after Labor Day is so yesterday. Honestly, what’s the difference between summer white and winter white and why would would you not make your life easier by including more neutrals in your life. In addition, nothing is a cleaner or more multipurpose than a bright white sneaker and because I am a firm believe that athleisure should be year-round, I recommend refreshing your sneaker collection every three to six months.

If you like these looks, keep your eyes peeled for more of my curated Idea Lists on Amazon and check out my other affiliates and partnerships here.