january is for...


All images by Ali Campbell // @isoscelesclambake

My dear friend Ali is no fair weather friend in the only the best way possible. We've shot more photos together during inclement conditions than we have on sunny days with perfect lighting. And yet, we still make the most magical things.


On a recent particularly chilly day, we found ourselves at the Arnold Arboretum, shooting my latest collaboration with Peach and supplied with some clothes Ali no longer had use for. With a little dry shampoo, some Generation G from Glossier and lots of layers, we managed to create this look and lots of laughs despite the biting temperatures.


I used to think that depending on black as a default to my wardrobe was boring and that color instantly made things interesting. While the latter is true, the former is not...necessarily. Instead, I have taught myself that what, or rather who, is most interesting is a person well-styled. And pieces like this black utility jacket, cozy infinity scarf and distressed jeans are kind of perfect to create a well-styled look.


I wish there was more of a secret to my hair here than just a little luck and dry shampoo. Sometimes day old hair works in your favor. For everything else there's R+Co's Dry Shampoo Paste. A little of that magic putty and my ends were as piece-y and good as new.

A perfectly textured 'do plus bold brows are the perfect pair. I'm a big fan of just a simple, tinted brow, especially since I started visiting Prettyology regularly. A gentle, professional tweeze every six-ish weeks has really changed my whole perspective on brow care and makes maintenance crazy easy.


And then there's Glossier, a brand I didn't know I loved until I tried their "Generation G", a sheer matte lip color that looks blotted without being, well, blah. The minute I tried this berry shade (called "Jam"), I couldn't get enough and layered it a bit to get the pigmented look you see here. I'm pretty into their product line, especially because they use safflower oil which prevents dryness. And they're paraben and cruelty free so I feel good about using it.


It's pretty spectacular how all this was pulled together pretty effortlessly. I'm challenging myself to do more with less from now on, starting with how I style and accessorize. Even my normal beauty routine can't compete with how long a little putty and scrunching can go these days.

So here's to more less stuff, worrying and trying so hard in 2018. To more doing what makes me feel good and less of what doesn't. To daring to be bold on a simple canvas and finding my way dressed in (mostly) black. And to lots of adventures with friends, preferably with sunshine.