I've been sippin'...


You guessed it, Yoncé is coming to town. I'm borrowing a few recipes from my friend Miss Erika who is a culinary QUEEN to prepare for the occasion. She gave me her blessing to share them with you snd TRUST ME, once you try these tasty cocktails, you'll be ready to #getinformation whether or not you have tickets to the show in Foxborough.

Queen Bey’s Lemonade:

1.       Honey Lavender Simple Syrup to taste (Scroll to the bottom of the link for basic honey/simple syrup recipe that you can use for each of these recipes)

2.       Lemonade (Not too much because you need to...)

3.       Top with bubbly

6 Inch Heel:

1.       Shot of Chambord, which gives it a sweet, berry flavor, but most importantly, it makes it pink

2.       One shot of vodka (you could use a berry flavored vodka here, if that’s your thing)

3.       Top with lemonade

4.       Shake and pour over lots of ice

My Daddy Said Shoot:

1.       Ginger simple syrup (see recipe above) to taste

2.       One shot of Bourbon… or two. (Just kidding, definitely two.)

3.       Top with equal parts lemonade and iced tea. (And you should probably have this in a mason jar for the full aesthetic.)

I Got Hot Sauce in My Bag:

1.       Honey cayenne simple syrup

2.       1-ish shot(s) of vodka (This would probably be good with tequila, but I hate tequila, so you just do you.)

3.       Top with lemonade

Get in Formation:

1.       Muddled basil or basil simple syrup… or both

2.       1-ish shot(s) of gin

3.       Top with ginger beer and … you guessed it… LEMONADE

Drink responsibly...and "Don't Hurt Yourself".