case of the blues.

Photo by  Ali Campbell // @isoscelesclambake

Photo by Ali Campbell// @isoscelesclambake

Heading into a new week always gets me thinking about how I can be better, faster & stronger than the week before. Drink more water, go to bed earlier, do more of what makes me happy and less of what doesn't, create more boundaries and find more space. But it's not always as easy as making a list. In fact, the end of the weekend is always a little sad for me because I have less time to just be. But today I'm changing that.

Because I'm  person that strives for balance, I'm putting a new strategy into practice: set three goals that require me to "do" and set three goals that require me to "be".


Examples of goals that require me to "do": 

Answer and respond to voicemails at work, avoid drama, be present in each thing I do, bring all of my laundry downstairs every morning, call my brother, clean off my desk surface, delete e-mails that I no longer need, do one physical activity (stretching counts!), drink more water, find ways to maximize my strengths, make a manageable "to do" list for the day, mark longterm goals on a physical calendar, nurture my relationships, pay a bill, plan for dedicated self-care, put money away with intention, shred physical documents that are over a year old, take deep breaths, take my vitamins, text my sister...

Examples of goals that require me to "be": 

Ask for help when I need it, forgive someone who has wronged me (even/ especially if they didn't apologize), go to bed early/ get 9 hours of sleep, make a list of my wins for the day, meditate for 10 minutes, practice gratitude, practice random acts of kindness, practice self-care, read one chapter of a book, remember to think kind things about myself if something goes wrong, remind myself of my dreams, say no to something I genuinely don't have any interest in doing, say yes to something I have a strong desire to make happen, sit in stillness and silence for twenty minutes, take a twenty-minute walk, trust my gut, write down creative ideas as soon as I have them, write in my journal... 


By doing these things consciously and in manageable amounts, I'm hoping I'll start to notice a little bit a more of my own magic which is easy to forget when I'm just bouncing from thing to thing. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep you posted...