budget beauty: winter edit

Holiday shopping is pretty easy for me. I pretty much have a running list of ideas at all times. Plus, it's easy when I can find everything on my list at my neighborhood Target. Almost too easy considering I'm pretty much always bound to pick up something small for myself! My latest visit to my local store reminded me of all the great products they have for taking care of your skin and spirit in the beauty department and I've rounded up a few of my favorites and my ideas for who to gift, below!

Burt's Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm - Vanilla Bean | This has been one of P's favorite products lately and I've been known to "borrow" some on days when my lips are in need of some love. The vanilla aroma is so cozy and reminds me of a cozy latte. Recommended for: him, you & her.

SpaMist UltraSonic Misting Humidifier and Oil Diffuser | You might have seen in a recent post that I've been educated on the powers of essential oils. Given my new affinity for the natural and homeopathic, I absolutely have an oil diffuser on my list so I can start to create the perfect space to relax at home. Recommended for: you, her & them.

Glass & Metal Three Compartment Vanity Organizer | Okay, I honestly just shared this because it is so very pretty and because I can't stand clutter, especially on my vanity. It's sleek, minimalist design is what #homegoals is made of. Recommended for: her, them & home.

Yes To Mad For Masks Kit | There's no excuse to have a little spa night if you already have everything you need. In this kit, complete with five natural masks is enough to get you through a couple of stressful weeks at work, an unrelenting cold front or one of those snow days I'm already crossing my fingers for! Recommended for: him, you and her.

Dove Flexible Hold Hairspray | I have fine hair so the struggle is real when it comes to "wispies". I have never been a big product person but Dove hairspray smells so good and is so effective that I have a hard time not re-upping every time I know I'm getting close to running out. Recommended for: you, her.

Yes To Coconut Hand & Face Cleansing Wipes | Okay, I know there's already a Yes To product on this list but I couldn't resist when I saw these because one time I fell in love with the Sephora version and when I found out these were available at Target, I nearly jumped for joy. Fresh smelling wipes that make me think of a tropical vacation without fighting for a parking spot at the mall? Holiday win! Recommended for: her, them and baby.

Crest 3D WhiteStrips 1 Hour Express | Holidays mean more wine, more coffee and more sugar than normal so what better way than to whiten while you wrap? I happen to believe that a white smile is the best accessory and these make polishing your pearly whites super easy. Recommended for: you.

Wet Brush (Paddle) | Throughout the year but especially in the winter, I battle dry hair like it's my job. The Wet Brush product line makes ensuring your hair is evenly detangled even if you're getting ready in a hurry. Recommended for: her, kids and him.

essie Nail Polish | Anyone who knows me knows that I swear by my bi-monthly gel mani-pedis and even then I swear by essie polish. The quality is great and the brush ensures easy coverage so you don't end up with a tacky polish job. Recommended for: her, them.

Pixi skintreats Glow Tonic | A few months back I discovered Pixi products and did my homework. The Glow Tonic was a high performing product with reviews to back it up and my witch hazel regimen was starting to dry out my skin a little bit. A 5% glycolic acid formula with aloe vera and ginseng makes this product fresh smelling and fast-selling . Try it next time you're in need of a gentle exfoliant and you'll see why. Recommended for: her, you.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Body Lotion | No head, shoulders, knees or toes should be spared when it comes to taking care of your skin during the winter season. Aveeno's product line is dermatologist recommended and a soy-based complex and it's hypoallergenic which means that Aveeno is all about that holiday glow no matter what your skin type is. Recommended for: her, you and them.

Olivia Care Body Oils | Another surefire way to treat your skin right is body oil. I slather this on before I dry off and hop out of the shower which helps to trap moisture and hydrate your skin with these wonderfully luxe aromas. Recommended for: them, home, him, you and her.

Rimmel Magni'Eyes Eyeshadow Palette | Not even kidding Santa, I'd love this palette and it would fit perfectly in my stocking... But seriously, these have to be some of the most flattering shades. My favorite part is that they work so well with each other so there are endless combinations from that "barely there" - natural look or the perfect smokey eye. Recommended for: you, her.

Santa's checking his (Target shopping) list and he's checking it twice!