13 things.

Since my blogging journey started I have learned a lot about myself. I fondly think back to 2012 as the year that slowly started off my quarter-life crisis. Since that time, I have learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses, what is important to me and how truly special it is to have carved out this little space for myself. And so, I'd like to share a little bit more with you than I usually do so that you can get to know the person I am behind my adventures and quick blips into my life. So without further ado...

The barre is my happy place.

The barre is my happy place.

1) Four words to describe me are; creative, optimistic, organized & sensitive. I love the challenge of finding new ways to be motivated. I look for the silver lining. I care about not just finishing things but accomplishing them. I sometimes overthink things. I am also very proud that I can identify and celebrate all of my strengths and weaknesses.

2) I can't go a few days without eating a salad. I typically eat pretty well but I genuinely crave the free, crunchiness of a good salad at least once a week. But don't get it twisted, I love pizza and milkshakes just as much as the next girl.

3) I can't wink. It's an adorable skill and I wish had made time to learn instead of diagramming sentences or whatever 7th grade is actually for.

This is me with my fuzzy alarm clock/ sidekick. Meet #Lucythecuriouskitten. (Yes, she really has her own hashtag.)

This is me with my fuzzy alarm clock/ sidekick. Meet #Lucythecuriouskitten. (Yes, she really has her own hashtag.)

4) I have been a dancer my whole life. Okay not exactly but I was enrolled in some kind of creative movement class from the time I was a toddler to my sophomore year in high school. My senior year I was on my high school's dance team and my junior year of college I picked it back up again. Now, on top of taking the occasional barre or Pilates class, I teach little ones on Saturday mornings and I'm so glad I realized that it is my favorite what to feel happy and healthy at the same time.

5) I'm a morning person. I love getting up (at a reasonable hour) and starting my day. I need natural light in my bedroom. I love having a cat because she reminds me that important things can't happen unless you get out of bed (like brunch).

6) I'm not shy, I'm just immediately self-conscious with people I don't know. If I like you, I will let my guard down immediately. I'm basically a cat.

JERUSALEM. (You can take a peek at all of my international adventures with #citygirlgoesabroad.)

JERUSALEM. (You can take a peek at all of my international adventures with #citygirlgoesabroad.)

7) I'm pretty sure the only TV show I've ever seen start to finish is The Office.

8) I've traveled internationally to: Aruba, Guatemala, Jamaica, Israel, London (for 6 hours), Tanzania and the Bahamas. Experiences are made by the people you're with and I am looking forward to more adventures in 2017.

9) My biggest pet peeve is: bad manners. Be aware of other people around you, don't talk with food in your mouth, say "excuse me", use common courtesy. Good manners are a lost art.

10) My favorite cuisine is Asian (fusion). If I had to make one thing for myself for the rest of my life it would probably be stir fry.

11) My hidden talent is: I can tie a maraschino cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. I can't tell if my boyfriend thinks it's funny or gross.

12) My worst years were in middle school and from ages 22-24. In fact, from age 22 to 24 I felt emotionally wrecked as if I were still in middle school. Short-term employment, learning to navigate "girl world" in a professional setting and looking for love in all the wrong places are some of the highlights. I still had some amazing experiences during this time but on the whole, I felt very lost and came out of that time in spite of my setbacks.

13) Since graduating from college, I've had 11 jobs. Yay politics!