"a brunette walks into a salon..."

Recently I was ready for a change but perusing through a list of Boston-proper salons just din't inspire me. (Nor did spending $250+ on a look I'd need to maintain with any sort of regularity.) 

Lucky for me, I was inspired to connect with an old friend who had featured her work on Instagram (entrepreneurs, take note: this is SUCH a good business move). Impressed by her aesthetic and intrigued by the name of her salon, I made an appointment for her to get me in the chair. Fully ready to put my fate in her hands, I gave Lauren minimal instructions and just let her work her magic. The result was the most perfect lob I could have imagined with a halo of balayage I couldn't have dreamt up even if I tried. 

Face framing color for the win.

Face framing color for the win.


Aside from being an incredible stylist at Blondie Salon & Spa in Waltham, Lauren is a cat mom, city girl and and a friend of nearly twenty years. But in case you want to get to know her a little more before you book your next appointment, she & I played a little game of "20 Questions"...

Meet Lauren.

Meet Lauren.


1.How/ when did you know you wanted to be a stylist? Hair styling had always interested me. I was always the friend getting everyone ready for the school dance or a night out. Not to mention I grew up with my mum constantly giving me a new hairstyle. It was just sort of second nature. 

2.What is one thing you wish every client knew about hair? I'm not a magician, I dont have a magic wand. Just because you saw it in a magazine doesn't mean I can make your hair look like that. 

3. What is your favorite/ least favorite hair trend? Not so into the "rainbow hair". Its a long process to get there and its not easy to keep up with.

4. Is there a cut that looks good on everyone? If so, what is it? I base all my haircuts off of the client's face shape and needs. Everyone gets a cut tailored to them.

5.What is your favorite hair product? Two favorites; Don't Blow it by Bumble and Bumble (It allows you to air dry your hair without the frizz) & Curl Masque by Keretase (The key to hydrating your curls)! 

6.Do you think you have a specialty? If so, what? Balayage - the art of hair painting.

7.What is your favorite part about being a stylist? My Clients! As much as I love the creative part of being a stylist, I love all my clients and meeting new ones. Every person is so different, I can't help but find everyone so interesting

8.What is your favorite "lazy girl" hairstyle? Side french braid bobby pinned into a bun.

9.How would you describe your style (in three words)? Relaxed, simple, solid.

10.Which celebrity's closet would you raid and why? Blake Lively; I think she has the perfect mix of classy/ elegant, and laidback/fun.

11.Which season of fashion do you prefer (spring, summer, fall or winter)? Fall! Give me a big warm sweater and a pair of tall boots any day.

12.What is your "go to" look/ favorite article of clothing? Stretchy pencil skirt and top with heeled ankle booties.

13.What Boston stereotype do you most disagree with and why? That everyone here is mean! Its totally not true! Just because we don't say hello to everyone on the street doesn't mean we wouldn't stop and be helpful if someone asked.

14.Boston accent: Hot or not? Totally hot.

15.Choose your favorite; Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, Patriots. I can't choose one, it's just not right.

16.What is your favorite "hidden gem" in Boston? Bodywaves Therapeutic Massage. Tucked away paradise.

17.What is your favorite restaurant/ bar/ cafe in the city? Spoke in Somerville.

18.What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Turkey Hill - Double Dunker.

19.What is your favorite series on Netflix? House of Cards.

20.Favorite social media platform; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest? Instagram! Follow me @LaurenFinn_TheStylist!

Think Lauren sounds like a delight? You're right! Make an appointment with her at Blondie Salon & Spa in Waltham and tell her this city girl sent you!