13 wardrobe essentials for 2019.


Thanks to “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” series on Netflix, lately I’ve been extra inspired to only keep and wear what sparks joy for me. Simple and basic closet essentials that are versatile make me feel so modern and chic so I’ve rounded up over a dozen of the best neutral pieces you can buy right now, inspired by actual pieces from my own wardrobe, to help you create the most multi-purpose and joy-sparking wardrobe ever. Keep reading for my picks!

[Key; $ - $50 or under, $$ - $50-100, $$$ - $100 or over]

SHOES - I’ve been on such a shoe kick lately, from knee high heights to sandals I can’t wait to scoop up for summer. With six more weeks of winter to go, here are some essentials that are friendly throughout the year and can be styled for work or play.

BOTTOMS - You’ll see from this shortlist that I have a thing for paper bag waists. I’m fairly petite myself but I have found that paper bag waists give great dimension for anyone looking to create the illusion of lines or definition to their look.


TOPS - I have found that the closer an item is to your face, the more likely it is to be noticed and complimented. From layering pieces like blazers to easy tops like button-ups, I have found that tops are the easiest and most fun to style.

DRESSES - In the chillier months, it’s much trickier to be motivated and put on something that requires tights but dresses are often the spontaneous choice that spice up your wardrobe arsenal.

“Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.” 
― Marie Kondō


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