recommend Miniluxe to any city girl looking to partake in a little self-care or treat for a friend. The take them up on the offer and indulge in a little self care. As it was described to me, Performance
case of the blues.
kindness, practice self-care, read one chapter of a book, remember to think kind things about myself if , nurture my relationships, pay a bill, plan for dedicated self-care, put money away with intention, shred
-to-the-editor about an issue that matters to you How do you practice self-care for the world? I'd locally! Pay it forward Pick up trash in your neighborhood Plant a tree Practice self-care Read a
7 habits of highly successful women
, I would burn out if I did not dedicate time to self care. Self care looks different for everyone tea before bed, or going to your favorite work out class. Self care can be spontaneous or scheduled
#millennialproblems + solutions
skills you've acquired while mastering being resilient: 1. Self-care is a THING. I'm not just talking about taking naps to escape the world either. Self-care, at least for grown-ups, is not going out on was going to be easy. My version of sometimes "self-care": Pancakes. But there are some serious
hello, gorgeous.
tips were helpful, here are some of my other posts on self-care and self-love. And if you're so can a self-care habit manifest itself in our inner beauty? There are lots of ways but here are some focus is self-care and inner beauty. This is a post in a series. When I think about inner beauty
what I made.
-go-go lately with not a lot of self care. While excited about new things, I really needed to spend
twenty questions.
about a mutual love for Glossier products, self-care practices or side hustles. So, in an effort to get better at practicing self-care. No wait, before you roll your eyes, it's this really important self-care
you are a vision.
to a new one if you want... For more inspiration, self-care tips and affirmations you can try at
fall foil-ayge + other trends.
been hooked on gel manicures to satisfy the goal of self-care and hand health. Serving as a form of
notes on self-care.
notes on self-care.
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