About Me.

I am a suburban-born city girl with a penchant for adventures. I have lived both in and out of Boston, and graduated from Emmanuel College in 2011.

My expertise comes from first-hand experiences and a desire to tell the story of who I am, what I love and where I've been through curated snapshots. 

What began as a style blog in 2012, has morphed into a collection of experiences from the perspective of a twenty-something young professional; where she goes, what she thinks, what she eats and what she wears. 

Over the years, vanessa in boston has taken many forms which have finally culminated in the content you see here. My niche can be defined as life + style, where all the components of a life well-lived are individually recognized for their role in shaping this city girl's perspective on the world. 

Drop me a line here. I'd love to hear from you! 

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